The General Store

The Hot Springs Airport in the metropolis of Ruidoso is your lifeline to civilization. Not only do they have everything that you expect from a general store, but the owner selects and ships in excellent wines from all over: from Austin to Argentina, Chianti to California. It is conveniently located at the turn off to Hot Springs Road, so if your GPS fails you (which it will) or if Siri suddenly (and mercifully) falls mute (which she will), you can pop into the store and ask a live person for directions!! Visit the in-store bar, considered to be most remote bar in all of Texas.`

WiFi and Cell Service

You're kidding, right? But if you are desperate, you could drive down to the general store and have a drink in The Most Remote Bar in all of Texas, inside the general store. There, you can access their WiFi while enjoying your drink.