If relaxing under a cottonwood tree or soaking in a hot mineral bath isn't enough action for you, there are myriad activities in which you can participate.

Desert Hiking

The springs are situated in the Chihuahua Desert, one of several north American deserts. Unlike the Mojave Desert, which is a higher-elevation desert associated with the Joshua Tree, and the neighboring Sonoran Desert, which has the mighty saguaro as its calling card, our desert is associated with the sotol or "desert spoon" (Dasilirion wheeleri). Chinati Hot Springs is the perfect starting point for a hike. We have 640 acres to hike on with hiking trails. A wash runs right next to the springs, which provides a sandy and easy trail (warning: never hike in a wash during the rainy season because of the danger of flash floods. Even when you can see no rain, there is serious danger)


The paved road at the bottom of Hot Springs Road (aka the River Road) is a biker's dream. There is little traffic on the road because the road dead-ends in the town of Candelaria, several miles to the west. All along the road are hills that make your ride like a roller coaster. The road parallels the Rio Grande on the south side, which is a shallow affair, thick with reeds.

Big Bend Ranch State Park

It's a scenic drive along the River Road eastward to Big Bend State Park, famous for beautiful slot canyons. There are many trails to choose from in this vast unspoiled wilderness, and is a must-see for geologists and rock-hounds!

Marfa = Art

Years ago the sleepy town of Marfa Texas was virtually unknown, but then minimalist sculptor Donald Judd came along and turned it into an international destination for art. One can stroll down the streets of Marfa and hear Italian, German, and New York-ese being spoken by fellow travelers. In October the Chinati Foundation holds its annual festival, and the streets of Marfa are wall-to-wall with artists, collectors and aficionados from all over the world. The Chinati Foundation has an impressive permanent collection including the milled aluminum boxes of Donald Judd and the light-art of Dan Flavin,